Wifi Ultraboost Review 2022: The Super Effective Wifi Booster


WiFi has revolutionized internet connectivity. Still, it’s not perfect. ISP offers different speeds and irregular WLAN coverage. With the WiFi Ultra Boost WiFi Repeater, there is hope!  This WiFi UltraBoost test shows whether the WiFi Repeater Wireless-N keeps what it promises in the advertising. I will discuss all about the Wi-Fi booster in the WIFI UltraBoost review.

9.5out of 10

Ease of Use9.7
Value for Money9.6

The Wireless-N Repeater promises to close this gap and create a more stable and reliable connection with your wireless router. It can be connected to various wired devices via the Ethernet connection. It is compatible with and works with devices that use the 802.11n/g/b standard.

Our Summary
Wifi Ultraboost Review

Wifi Ultraboost Review

  • It effectively speeds up the internet connection of the old and new router.
  • No need to connect with wire or cable to set up. Just plug in the AC socket to power up.
  • It is a verified device, so ISP cannot claim any objection if you are using it.
  • I hanged the device using the clip on the wall for better coverage.

What is WIFI UltraBoost?

Wi-Fi Ultraboost is a Wi-Fi repeater and amplifier that picks up the radio frequencies transmitted by the router and amplifies the signal. It improves the internet speed and allows you to connect maximum devices. Also, it ensures a large area of coverage for the Wi-Fi signal. So, I do not have any dead zones in the four walls.

Wifi Ultraboost Review 2022: The Super Effective Wifi Booster 1

Wi-Fi Ultra Boost has two different working modes, both of which I tried in my Wi-Fi UltraBoost test. Repeater mode allows you to boost the internet connection for more reliable wireless coverage and performance. The AP mode allows you to make a new WiFi access point.

Who Can Use Wi-Fi Ultraboost?

The Wi-Fi Ultraboost is suitable for those places where the internet connection is slow and many users. To improve the overall internet connectivity, the device is perfect.

Who Can Use Wi-Fi Ultraboost

  • Cover No-signal Wi-Fi zone: Wireless router has a limited range. The device helps to extend the range and anyone can browse the internet where the signal disappeared. Also, Wi-Fi networks are blocked due to thick walls. The device serves the internet through a thick wall with high-speed performance.
  • Slow connectivity area: In every house, we do not get an internet connection in corner based areas. In those areas, internet speed is always slower than average. Also, the problem happens on the garage, under-ground floor, balcony, rooftop, etc. The Wi-Fi booster helps to provide the internet in those areas with a high-speed connection.
  • Cover a large area: The Wi-Fi repeater ensures internet coverage on a large area for seamless browsing. It boosts up the router range and internet speed in your area efficiently.
  • Need internet outside of the house: Wi-Fi router provides good speed internet inside the home. But when we are in the garden, the landscape of our house, the device will deliver the internet by increasing range and speed.

WiFi UltraBoost Main Features

I have summarized the highlights of this super WiFi repeater for you in the following at a glance.

WiFi UltraBoost Main Features

WLAN amplifier: WiFi Ultra Boost amplifies a high-speed wireless network with a speed of up to 300 Mb/s. This creates a reliable network with high speed and long-range. That is actually the case. I tried it myself in my WiFi UltraBoost test.

Bye-bye dead zones: Say goodbye to the frustration of annoying dead zones that are not covered by WiFi. The repeater enables much better WiFi coverage so that you can always be online in every corner.

Faster and more reliable connection: The signal amplification makes your Internet connection much more reliable and serves the internet through thick walls.

Easy to use and compact is size: The repeater is easy to use and has an attractive, compact design. So you can easily transport with you during traveling.

Outdoor compatible: You can also use the amplifier outdoors. Usually, the normal WiFi signal does not go all the way to the courtyard. The repeater provides a remedy and increases the range of your WLAN. So, you can also benefit from a fast connection outside.

What I Like About The Wifi Ultraboost

The Wi-Fi booster ensures high-speed internet with a large area coverage. I have faced a wide range of paybacks from the device. Let’s discover them:

What I Like About The Wifi Ultraboost

  • It effectively speeds up the internet connection of the old and new router.
  • It has a WPS system and is easy to bridge with a home router network to cover a large area.
  • No need to connect with wire or cable to set up. Just plug in the AC socket to power up.
  • Extend the Wi-Fi network range in slow connection areas, garage, parking lot, balcony, etc.
  • It is a verified device, so ISP cannot claim any objection if you are using it.
  • I hanged the device using the clip on the wall for better coverage.

What I Don’t Like About It

I never faced any disadvantages while using the Wi-Fi Ultraboost. The main problem is the device is limited and I got it after 12 days from ordering in California. Some users received delivery on the same day. Another problem with the device is: It can be bought online with advance payment.

How Wifi Ultraboost Helps in Your Home?

Wi-Fi Ultraboost can minimize dead zones at home by ensuring a faster and more reliable internet connection. It bypasses the thick walls and delivers the same internet speed in all areas.

How wifi Ultraboost helps in Your Home

So, I never face poor signal strength in my house. It needs only 2 to 5 minutes to set up. Once set up, it will serve the internet by pairing with your home Wi-Fi network. In the garage and underground parking, I browse the internet without any issues. According to my experience, it increased Internet speed by more than 80% in my house.

Where Can I Purchase the WIFI UltraBoost?

For a limited period, you can get a cut rate of up to 50% with free delivery. I recommend to get it from the Wi-Fi Ultraboost official website and the link is here.

Where can I purchase the WIFI UltraBoost

Wi-Fi UltraBoost comes with a 2-year warranty. If you have any hesitations or are fed up with the product, you can refund or return it within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I have explained some frequently asked questions about Wi-Fi UltraBoost.

Is Wi-Fi Ultra boost any good?

With the Wi-Fi UltraBoost, you can use the internet with high-speed signals in those areas which are dead zones. The Wi-Fi ultra boost is perfect for extending internet coverage.

Do I need Extra Software to Set it Up?

Wi-Fi UltraBoost does not require supportive software to set up an internet connection. Its method is just to plug and play.

Is Wi-Fi UltraBoost Compatible with my Router?

It works with all types of the router with 802.11n/g/b standard. Its strength is 2.4 GHz 300Mbps.

Wi-Fi UltraBoost it a Scam?

It effectively extends the range and speed of the home Wi-Fi network. You will need an AC outlet to power up and no need for software and driver support to control it.

Final Thought

The Wi-Fi extender works perfectly, which I explained in the WiFi UltraBoost review. After installing it, I never face problems with a bad connection or dead zones. Whether for the office or at home, the extender is an inexpensive and budget-friendly way to significantly improve the reliability and speed of your Internet. In addition, the device is easy to control and operate. So, thumbs up for this great Wi-Fi amplifier and get it right now!

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