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I’m an adventure lover; hiking, camping & traveling is my favorite hobby. During my hiking & wild tour, I feel the necessity of the right gear and tools to handle all the potential critical situations. I have searched for the right tools on the internet & asked some experts.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.7
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Then I have found the WildSurvive Pro survival kit that makes my task so easy and simple. Now here in this WildSurvive Pro Review. I’m going to share with you my experience of how this survival kit toolbox helps me to handle different situations.

Product Summary
Wildsurvive Pro Review

Wildsurvive Pro Review

  • WildSurvive Pro is very affordable & reasonable.
  • It uses high-quality material.
  • Versatile use.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Portable & lightweight. 
  • Three years warranty.

What is WildSurvive Pro?

WildSurvive Pro is a highly customized survival kit that comes with all the necessary tools you’ll need for outdoor-survival. In the box of this survival kit, you’ll find a basic knife, compass, flashlight, first aid kit, pen, & a lot more survival items.


The complete packaging is designed in a convenient size that you can easily carry everywhere. It is a water-resistant kit, so it doesn’t make any problem if the water splashes fall into your box the inner tools remain protected. The hikers & outdoor enthusiasts people are highly benefited by this survival kit toolbox. 

You can keep this thing in your car or home & make yourself prepared for all kinds of calamity or natural disaster. When you’re in the wild, you’re the guide, cook, doctor, hunter, everything. So it is important to get ready for all these things and WildSurvive Pro can help you in these situations effectively.

WildSurvive Pro Review: What are the Contents?

Below in this WildSurvive Pro Review section, I’m going to show you the elements that you’re going to have in this surviving kit box.


A Pen: Do you remember how many times you need these things and it’s not with you. Well, I can understand the number is very high. But don’t worry about this anymore, in your WildSurvive Pro kit box, you’ll always find a pen. 

A Compass: You’re in the middle of the jungle and you don’t know where to move. A compass is a very handy tool in that case. This small little compass is able to rotate 360 degrees and help you in easy navigation. Among all other kit tools in WildSurvive Pro survival, I love the compass very much. Because it helps me more than 7 times to find a way in the middle of the jungle.

Rope: You might think that it’s unnecessary as you don’t need it when you’re at home. But this thing has multiple uses when you’re out of home or outdoors.

A Knife: The WildSurvive Pro survival kit box provides you a military-grade knife that is folded in a small size. A knife has a multiple-use in a different situation when you’re roaming in the wild. I have found this one as the most useful tool among others. Although all of them are very useful.

Emergency Blanket: when you’re in the wild the temperature is dramatically dropped at night. So an emergency blanket is a very important kit that you’ll need for survival. From my experience, I feel like this emergency blanket works as a windbreaker and protects you from cold.

Firestarter: A fire starter is a very important tool that you’ll mostly need in the wild. From my perspective, I think every adventurous person needs this tool compared to others.

Flashlight: During the night while moving in the dark a flashlight is a very hand tool. Your WildSurvive Pro survival kit box also comes with a flashlight that allows you to navigate in the dark easily. 

Specifications of Wild Survive Pro

Let’s check the specification of WildSurvive Pro to understand if it is able to fulfill your requirement.


  • WildSurvive Pro includes all the necessary tools that you may need. Such as knives, aluminum wire, compass, flashlight, fire starter, etc. 
  • You will get an emergency blanket in the box.
  • It also includes 7&8 flint scraper & stone to remove excess fat & tissue from hides if you hunt.
  • To cut soft metal & wood, it includes a wire saw.
  • To carry water easily it includes a water bottle clip.
  • For easy navigation in the dark, you will get a mini LED light. 

Benefits of Using WildSurvive Pro

Now here in this WildSurvive Pro Review section, I’m going to show you some benefits of WildSurvive Pro that I have personally experienced.



I have found a lot of survival kits available in the market but this one is superb & cost a very reasonable price by maintaining the quality. If you compared to other survival kits then WildSurvive Pro has cost only half of them. 

Quality of the materials

It is the best part of WildSurvive Pro that it never compromises with the quality. While roaming in the wild, it is a matter of life & death so you’ll definitely need the best product & I believe this one will give you a satisfactory output.


Any product that has water-resistant quality is undoubtedly a good one. WildSurvive Pro here wins again, it is completely water-resistant so you don’t have to worry while dealing with water.


All the tools that you get in this survival box are highly efficient. Every time I  use these tools I get the maximum output. You just need to use these tools properly to get the best output. 

How Does WildSurvive Pro Work?

About four months ago, I went on an adventure tour with my cousins. We made a three days campaign in the deep forest without taking any food & water. I didn’t carry anything as it was my first wild adventure tour, the only thing that we have at that time is a Wild survive pro tool kit box with my cousin.


Whenever we needed anything I saw that he opened the kit box and found a tool. To walk in the deep forest we need to cut the little trees & bushes, he gave me a knife from the toolbox and I used that to cut them and make the way. In this box, I saw that all the necessary tools were included that we needed at that time. From that day till now, it has become one of my companions wherever I go. 

Wild Survive Pro works exactly, you want to use it. In this survival toolbox, you’ll find a variety of tools to accomplish multiple tasks. It is estimated as one of the finest survival kits. For example, you may bring this kit while hiking, or roaming in the forest. It doesn’t include any kind of food and water but it can help you to get wild food to survive. In simple words, it has all the tools that you’ll need, now based on the situation you can use them. 

Why Are People Buying This Survival Kit?

People are buying this survival kit for many reasons. First, Wild Survive Pro comes with all the essential tools that you will need for survival in the wild. Second, finding & assembling all the tools individually is quite a tough task. Even when you do so, you may skip some important tools that you’ll need.  But buying these survival kits allow you to get all the tools in one place. Besides, the quality that Wild Survive ensures at a very reasonable price, people have no other option to go for another one.


  • You will get every single tool that you may need to survive.
  • The survival kit box comes with a very compact design & lightweight shape. While roaming in the wild or hiking, it is not possible for you to carry heavily weighted tools. This is why people are choosing it as one of their components. 

Why Is This Product Better Than Others? [Wild Survive Pro]

The first thing that I think makes it better than others is the quality of materials that are used to build these tools.  By maintaining quality, it also offers the products at a very reasonable price.

Due to the superb built-in quality, you will enjoy the best output from the tools of this survival kit box. From the day I purchased one for me till now I’m a satisfied user of these tools. 

What are the Pros of this kit?
  • WildSurvive Pro is very affordable & reasonable.
  • It uses high-quality material.
  • Versatile use.
  • Water-resistant. 
  • Portable & lightweight. 
  • Three years warranty.
Cons of this it
  • Limited stock.
  • Available only online. 

Wildsurvive Pro Review: Price And Where To Buy It From

If you decide to have one of these surviving kits for your outdoor adventure activity. Then you can buy it from the WildSurvive Pro official website. The manufacturer is currently selling the product with a 50% discount

The regular price of this product is $118 but as long as the promo discount exists. You can have it for half of the price of $59. Below in this section, I’m going to include a link that will directly take you to the official site. Remember purchasing any product from its official site is the best practice to get a reliable and original product. 

Frequently Asked Question

While reading this WildSurvive Pro Review, there might be a lot of questions traveling in your creative mind. Below in this section, I have included some questions & answers that people frequently asked about this. 

What Should You Not Do In The Wilderness?

Being Nomadic is a common mistake that general people usually do in wild places. So you must try to skip this mistake whenever you’re puzzled in the wild. Just pick a safe spot & stay there until you make any best alternatives. 

What Are The Things You Need To Survive?

There are some important things that could help you when it is about a matter of survival. Such as knives, lighter, water & food, first aid kit, raincoat or jacket, signaling-device, batteries, flashlight, etc. 

What Is The Use Of The Tactical And Folding Military Knife In The Kit? 

A folding knife is almost similar to a pocket knife, that has several tasks in different situations. Just make sure that it is not in the range of the children. 

Are the transactions safe on the website of the company? 

All the transactions through this website are completed via 256-bit agencies, such as Norton-secured, McAfee-secure. 

Who Really Makes WildSurvive Pro?

The WildSurvive Pro is manufactured by a company named Closen. The company makes a budget-friendly survival kit for the people who love to travel outdoors. 

How much will it cost me?

You can purchase the WildSurvive Pro kit from online with a 50% discount today at $42 to $84. 

How Long Can The Average Person Survive In The Wilderness?

Usually, an average healthy person is able to survive 2-7 days without liquids but this is a rough estimate. Based on a person’s physical activity, the environment, & their health actually, determine how long a person can survive without water. 

Final Thought 

After reading this WildSurvive Pro Review, you can now understand why WildSurvive Pro is one of the best choices among the people. From now whenever you go for an adventurous trip, such as hiking, visiting the forest, etc. this survival kit should be with you.

It is a very essential toolbox that’ll help you with camping, trekking, and other similar types of activities. With this tool, you can attack or defend yourself in a critical situation. So if you have a plan to get one do it early before the 50% promo discount ends.

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