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Wireless technology changed the way we’ve seen the world before and the way we used our devices before. One of the finest innovations associating wireless technology is the wireless charging method which is relatively new to us. The wireless charging technology is evolving, and its developers are pushing it’ potential above and beyond. 

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This is where I must mention the latest Winergy wireless charger that I’ve been using for the last couple of months. It’s by far the most convenient wireless charger I’ve used since I’ve started using wireless chargers. Stick to the Winergy Review to know more about it and if you’re looking for a wireless charger with edge technology. 

Our Summary
Winergy Review

Winergy Review

  • Super-fast charging 
  • Energy efficiency
  • Detachable and portable 
  • Great ambient lighting
  • Compatible with a ton of devices
  • Foreign object detector

What is Winergy? 


The Winergy is a wireless charger that works with the latest wireless charging technology to deliver the most efficient charging experience to its users. It comes with the anti-energy-waste feature that prevents it from draining electricity when not needed. The technology also keeps it from overcharging your device when it gets charged to 100%. 

With Winergy, now you can truly become headache-free while you’re setting up a permanent docking station with wireless charging. Its detachable build and slick design will surely blow your mind with its conveniences. No more hurting your devices with USB chargers and no more replacing the wireless chargers every few months. Winergy changes that all. 

What Are The Main Features of the Winergy Wireless Charger? 


This Winergy Review is all about its in-depth features and benefits because it has changed the way I’m used to charging my devices. Here are the main features of the Winergy wireless charger that caught my attention and made me buy one: 

Super-fast charging 

Super-fast charging

Most of our devices charge at 5 watts as a regular power consumption option, so you may already have a 5-watt charger. Some devices also come with 7 to 10-watt chargers that make it complicated for the charger manufacturers to make a universal charger. 

However, the Winergy wireless charger surpasses these dilemmas completely and makes a great outcome. It is a 10-watt wireless charger, so you don’t have to be skeptical whether it’s going to support your device or not. 

Energy efficiency

Most off-market wireless chargers are not well efficient at energy consumption; they have lower energy efficiency rates. On the other hand, the Winergy comes with a good 84% energy efficiency, which means it’ll save you on bills. 

Plus, the charger will stop delivering when your phone is 100% charge and doesn’t need more. If you’re irritated with the existing wireless charger that needs you to put the phone away precisely, Winergy is a better option for you.

Detachable and portable 

Detachable and portable

Portability for wireless chargers; that’s something not everybody can experience without hurting the power cable attached to it. Most wireless chargers come with a fixed cable attached to it that you cannot detach. Well, that’s not the case with the Winergy; it comes with a detachable design that allows you to take it apart from the cable. 

That’s because it uses an external USB cable to connect to the wall socket and has no strings attached to it. You can put it in your backpack and don’t worry about putting the able downsides anymore because that doesn’t even concern it. 

Great ambient lighting

Great ambient lighting

Who doesn’t love to have ambient lighting with a tech gadget that eases his life? The Winergy manufacturer has thought it through and put one of the finest ambient light designs to the charger. When you connect your Winergy charger to the wall socket, the lights on the edges of the charger, 360° convenience. It doesn’t only create a premium ambience on the table, but also makes it easier to know where to put the phone in the dark. 

Compatible with a ton of devices

When you use Winergy, you can easily charge any device that comes with 5 to 10-watt charger compatibility. I’ve tested it with most renowned brands and models like the iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8, Samsung note series, S7 edge, plus, and a handful of other brands. 

Foreign object detector

Foreign object detector

The Winergy performed quite well with each and had me smile while it started charging as soon as I put the phone on. On top of that, the charger can detect any kind of foreign objects like keys, pen, ring and doesn’t start the device until you put a phone on it. 

A smarter gadget 

Choosing a device that involves your favourite phone isn’t easy because not every phone has the same requirement for charging. There are some wireless chargers available in the market that work only when the phone is in a predefined direction. Plus, some don’t have multiple current options like 5 or 10 watts where the Winergy passes on everything. 

Any direction charge

Any direction charge

With Winergy, you can charge your device from any direction you put it on the pad. It doesn’t matter from which angle you’re putting the phone on the pad; Winergy’ll charge it just fine. Furthermore, for the 5 watts to 10 watts phones, it has an auto-adaption system to charge it safely. 

Permanently safe

Permanently safe

Overheating issue is a major concern with most wireless chargers out there after a few hours of working. However, with better internal mechanism and 100% safer copper conductors, you have nothing to worry about the Winergy wireless charger. 

It doesn’t overheat even if it charges multiple devices back to back, one after another; it stays cool just fine. The charger doesn’t reach more than 35°C, no matter how much pressure it goes through. I use it for 3 devices, and it stays cool and doesn’t heat up my phone either, which is good news. 

Product Specifications 

Product Specifications

Technical specifications make the Winergy wireless charger stand out from the others. Here is what you get from Winergy as one of the most futuristic wireless chargers in the market: 

  • Charging capacity: 5 to 10 watts with automatic adaptive technology. 
  • Power cable: Detachable Micro-USB for true mobility.
  • Energy efficiency: Auto shut-off when the phone is fully charged.
  • Ambient lighting: RGB lighting for a better view.
  • Compatibility: Charges any QI-enabled smartphones that support wireless charging. 
  • Object recognition: Any foreign object like a ring, coin, or a pen. 
  • Distance and Operating system: 2 to 8 mm, Android & iOS.
  • Product weight and dimensions: 64 gram, 6 mm * 100 mm.
  • Build material: ABS Aluminium.
  • Certification: CE, FCC certified.

What Makes Winergy a Revolutionary Wireless Charger? 


Here are the things that make the Winergy wireless charger a revolutionary gadget that’s re-shaping the definition of wireless charging: 

  • The detachable USB port design helps me take it anywhere without any hassle in the narrowest pocket in my backpack. I carry it to work without sacrificing extra space in my backpack or take it in my jacket’s pocket.
  • Its adaptive power consumption from 5 to 10 watts is a great option for multiple devices in my house. My son, daughter, and I all have different devices, and we’re using the same wireless pad; that’s convenient! 
  • The RGB lighting guides me to it while it’s dark and makes a good Ambience on my nightstand as well. It also makes me stand aside from my colleagues even if they’re using more expensive chargers than me. 
  • It doesn’t take more than 3 hours to fully charge any device as it says on the spec lists. However, it takes way less than that for my device at around 2 hours to fully charge the Galaxy S7. 
  • Winergy is overheat protected; it doesn’t heat up excessively even though we’re three people to use it almost all the time. Plus, it comes with short-circuit protection and 100% copper conduction to make my charging even safer. 

Pros & Cons of Winergy wireless charger 


Using the Winergy wireless charger was a smooth experience for me; here are what I think what makes it the best and what could be better:

Pros of the Winergy
  • Fast-charging option with over 10 watts for different devices.
  • Overcharging, short circuit and overheat protection.
  • Foreign body detection technology for discharge protection.
  • Detachable micro USB design for better portability.
  • It Supports any Qi-enabled smartphone running on Android or iOS.
  • Doesn’t have any orientation problem; charges in any direction.
Cons of the Winergy
  • Only-online option for buying the charger.
  • You have to place the charger on a flat surface. 

How Can I Buy The Winergy?  


Purchasing the Winergy wireless charger can be an easy job if you buy it from the official vendor website. Currently, the vendor is rolling out an amazing discount of flat 50% for each unit of Winergy wireless charger. Furthermore, they’re offering 2 Winergy for free if you buy 3 together and 1 free Winergy when you purchase 2. On top of that, they’re offering free delivery worldwide right now, get yours before the stock goes out. 

Frequently Asked Question

Here are the most frequently asked questions asked about the Winergy wireless charger that you might find interesting: 

Is a wireless charger faster?

Wireless chargers usually come with a power consumption deficiency compared to the wired chargers. The percentage drop usually affects the output wattage that makes it a little slower.

Are cheap wireless chargers bad?

Yes, cheap wireless chargers come with the cheap copper conductor and inferior capacitors in them. You’ll get a slower charging time and less efficiency from the cheap wireless chargers.

Do wireless chargers ruin your battery?

Low-quality wireless chargers heat up pretty fast and high; so they can heat up your phone as well. If you want wireless charging, get a high-quality charger to keep your phone battery safe. 

Does wireless charging stop when the battery is full?

The high-quality wireless chargers will stop charging your phone after it reaches 100%. They come with overcharging as well as overheating protection that keeps your phone safe. 

Is there a possibility of the battery getting damaged with wireless chargers?

If you’re using a cheap, low-quality wireless charger, it may overheat, overcharge your battery and damage it. Good wireless chargers don’t have any issues that can damage the battery. 

Is the Winergy wireless charger compatible with my device? 

Yes, if you’re using a device that’s Qi-enabled, Winergy has got your back for sure. It can charge any device that draws 5 watts to 10 watts, and it takes up to 3 hours to fully charge. 

Winergy Wireless Charger Review: Final Words

Getting the USB port damaged is a common issue with any smartphone devices as we have to charge them quite often. Using a wireless charger to charge your phone can be the most convenient way to avoid charger port issues. However, you must select the right wireless charging pad to get the best service without harming your phone. 

As you can see in this Winergy Review, there is a lot in the checklist that makes a wireless charger work. The best part about the Winergy is, it has got all the features that make a wireless device great. It’s rolling out from a fraction of the original price now, and it’s high time to get your hands-on, just like I did! 

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