Xone Phone Review 2022 – Is it Legit or Scam?


When you search for a smartphone, you’ll find thousands of options. This is because of the rapid growth of the smartphone industry. But the problem arises when you go to pick one of the flagship smartphones, the price will surely break your heart. I’m saying this because only 4 months ago I lost my old phone & then I started to search for a new one within my budget.

But unfortunately, I found very few phones within my budget and those phones have no advanced security and premium features. But I didn’t stop my research. I’m continuously looking for a smartphone that offers all the features of a premium smartphone with advanced security.

Luckily, I found this Xone Phone that offers all the advanced features of a high-end smartphone. Including all the cool features and security the phone comes with a very decent price tag. Now here in this Xone Phone Review, I’m going to share my experience with this smartphone.

Overview of Xone Phone

Flagship smartphones are not for all due to their high price tag. But the features they offer every smartphone user wants to have that. Including all the features and advanced security, the Xone Phone is considered one of the best costly smartphone substitutes. With a combination of premium quality, advanced security, and an affordable price tag this cell phone wins everyone’s heart.

Overview of Xone Phone

No matter for which purpose you’re purchasing this phone, it’s perfect for business, personal use, studies, and just for entertainment. Though it’s a budget-friendly smartphone, it doesn’t compromise with the latest features. Xone phone comes with a 5.7″ HD+ display along with strong minimal side-frames. It has a 16.0MP + 5MP dual back camera along with an 8.0MP front camera.

With the dual rear camera in the back, the phone has a multimedia speaker and a fast fingerprint sensor. It has 2-GB RAM and 16-GB ROM and allows you to increase the storage capacity up to 128-GB with an external SD card. Moreover, the phone is powered by a Mediatek MT6739 processor for smoothly operating the system.

Xone Phone Technical details

Xone Phone Technical details

  • Android Version: Android 8.1
  • Display: 5.7″ HD+ screen display
  • Camera: Dual 16-MP + 5MP Rear Camera, 8.0MP Front Camera
  • Battery: 3350mAh
  • Processor: High-performance Mediatek MT6739 4-core 1.3 GHz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • ROM: 16GB
  • External Memory: up to 128GB with SD card.
  • Face Unlock: Yes.
  • Fingerprint ID: Yes.
  • Sim: 4G Dual-Sim, Slot-1 Micro-SIM, Slot-2 Nano SIM
  • FM Radio Tuner

Features of Xone Phone

The budget-friendly Xone Phone is full of outstanding features. Now here in this Xone Phone Review, I’m going to show you some of the stunning features of this smartphone that I’ve enjoyed.

Features of Xone Phone

High-Quality Display:

The display is one of the core parts of any smartphone. The better the display the better performance you can enjoy with your phone. Xone Phone does here an excellent job. It provides a 5.7 HD+ display along with a high refresh rate IPS screen. The overall ratio of the screen is 19.9 that allows you to have an excellent viewing experience. Because of the display’s HD resolution, you will enjoy better gaming and media experience.

Advanced Quality Camera:

One of the main attractions of this phone is its high-resolution camera. The phone is equipped with a 16MP+5MP dual rear camera along with an 8MP powerful selfie camera. With its smart camera sensor, you’ll get proper light balance, smooth edge, and natural color detection for excellent photography.

Powerful Battery:

Another strength of this Xone Phone is, it is equipped with a powerful 3350mAh battery. With this long-lasting power back up, you can keep your phone standby for 290 hours, continuously talk for 9 hours, play music for 23 hours, and capture videos for 7 hours long. With a single charge, this performance exceeded my expectations.

Advanced Security System:

If you have a Xone Phone, you don’t have to compromise your safety & security. This modern gadget includes all the safety features to protect your data and privacy. It has a super-fast fingerprint sensor and Faces ID recognition.  To unlock with a fingerprint it only takes 0.2 seconds. On the other hand, face ID perfectly works in low-light conditions.

Top Quality Performance:

To provide you smooth and excellent quality performance the phone is equipped with a Mediatek MT6739 processor, 2GB RAM, and 16 GB ROM. It also allows you to increase the capacity up to 128GB with an external SD card. As it comes with an IMG PowerVR GE8100 GPU, you’ll get a lag-free gaming performance.

  • It is a premium feature smartphone with a low budget.
  • Comes with a high-quality display.
  • Provide long-lasting battery power backup.
  • High-resolution Camera.
  • Fingerprint sensor and face recognition ID for securing your data.
  • Its protective case does an excellent job.
  • NFC technology is not included.
  • The audio quality is a little bit lower.

What are Xone Phone customers saying?

After losing my old smartphone, while I’m searching for a budget-friendly premium feature phone, I found this outstanding Xone Phone. As I hadn’t used this phone before, I decided to study its real customer feedback and reviews. You’ll be surprised to know that I had read almost 300+ reviews of this phone but didn’t find a single objection from its customer.

What are Xone Phone customers saying

Above 90% of its customers are satisfied with its innovative features and affordable price tag. To conclude this section, the summation of their feedback is: they love the camera, the display, battery backup, and the security system of this phone. When your budget is around $200, this is the phone you should go for.

Manufacturers Opinions About Xone Phone

After reading this article, you might be wondering how this phone is so cheap while offering all of these latest features.  Well, let me tell you what is the opinion of the manufacturer regarding this matter. Xone Phone focuses on customer satisfaction.

Manufacturers Opinions about Xone Phone

Rather than investing in advertising and marketing, the producer invests more in the R&D department. This is where they cut their price. They believe in the word of mouth. Because when a customer is satisfied with the features and service of this phone, they will automatically refer it to others. The manufacturer wants its customer to speak on behalf of them on the review platforms.

Is Xone Phone a scam?

As Xone Phone offers all the latest features of a premium smartphone within a low budget. You might be curious to know if it is a scam or real. Well, to remove your confusion, I can assure you that the phone is 100% real and it comes with all the features as it claims.

Is Xone Phone a scam

I have been using the phone for more than 3 months and I didn’t experience anything wrong with the device till now. The Xone Phone comes with Android OS, it has 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Mediatek processor, Hd-display, face & fingerprint id, and whatnot? If you have a limited budget and want to get a premium smartphone, I’ll recommend you to go for this without any confusion.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

The producer of this phone gives a 30-days user satisfaction guarantee. Within this 30-days period for any reason, if you’re not satisfied with this smartphone, you can return it and get back your money. Moreover, while purchasing the phone if you pay an extra $38, you’ll get a three-year warranty policy.

Where I Can Buy It?

To me, the best option to purchase this smartphone is to get it from its official site. Because when you purchase a product from the manufacturer authorized site, you get the original product along with other facilities.

Where I Can Buy It

I have purchased one from the Xone Phone official site and I’m using the phone for almost 3-months without any problem. Besides that, when you purchase the phone from its official site, you’ll get a huge 50% discount and other promotional offers during its promo campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answer to those queries from this FAQ section that arises in your mind while reading this article. Below I’m giving some of the answers that people most frequently asked about this device.

How Long Does Xone Phone Last?

Xone Phone not only comes with advanced features but also includes cuts and dent protection. Even it also safe from a light water splash. If you use the phone carefully, it’ll last for 2-3 years and more.

What If a Customer is Displeased With Xone Phone?

Xone Phone offers a 30-days user satisfaction guarantee, in this period if any customers are displeased with it. They can return it and get back their money. It also has a 3-years warranty policy with an extra $38 payment.

How Long Will it Take to Receive Xone Phone?

It actually depends on your location. If you order the product from the USA, you’ll get the phone within 2-3 days. When the order is from outside of the USA it takes 7-10 days.

Final Thought

Now that you’re in the conclusion part of this Xone Phone review, I believe you have all the answers to your queries about this phone. When you have a tight budget but looking for premium feature phones “Xone Phone” is the ultimate choice.

It has everything that you can expect from a low-budget premium phone. The phone comes with a Mediatek processor, 2-GB RAM, 16-GB ROM, HD display, smart security system, and a lot more. It has a powerful battery that gives you a long-lasting power backup. Within the budget of this phone, this is the best one that you could have now.

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