Xtra PC Reviews [2022] – Is Xtra-PC Really Work?


I hear about Xtra-PC all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I was tired of the old rowing PC and have visited a repair shop many times. Also, I installed various updates and nothing works longer. Then, I have purchased the Xtra PC USB and it worked without a hard drive. It can be used in all PC and laptops that have dedicated USB ports. With a single click, it started working. I never faced any virus or malware attack and still now it perfectly boosting my PC.

This gadget allowed me to save money and to speed up pc making it more efficient. The truth is that nobody (including me) wants to spend a sum to buy a new computer when they have the possibility to use it again. So, if you have an old PC or laptop, I recommend using the gadget to speed up your PC as new. In this article, I will share my experience with the Xtra PC and how I boost the speed of my old PC with it. Let’s dive into it.

My Quick Overview of Xtra-PC (30 Sec)

Xtra-PC is a tool we were looking for. The gadget makes old and slow PCs faster with no additional expenses. Xtra-PC instantly bypasses the old operating system by replacing it with a blazing fast OS.

The device includes web browsing, email, docs, music, and video players as well. That means you are not missing any of your favorite programs. One single USB device boosts the performance with no complex setup.

What is Xtra-PC?

Xtra-PC is nothing more than a small, simple and very powerful USB stick that allows to speed up our PC making it more efficient. With this device, we can go back to surfing like in the past years without having to change computers because of its super slowness. We need to insert it into one of the USB ports on the computer. It only works when it is connected to the computer. Once it removed, we will find your companion in the state it was in before.

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Xtra PC Reviews

It is only a USB key, so you can easily slip the Xtra PC USB key in your pocket to take it everywhere with you. In addition, if you have several end-of-life computers which you make in the retirement home for PC basically, you can switch the device from one to the other to take advantage of it. I used a notebook that I have had for many years to watch movies and series. I got rid of it after connecting the Xtra-PC key to it. It works fine and boosts the speed of the PC.

How Does Xtra-PC Work?

The Xtra PC USB stick helps to speed up our PC to work faster and save time. Here, I will show how the device works to speed up our PC.

Xtra PC Reviews

At first, we have to connect it to the USB port of our PC or laptop. It only works if connected, so once we disconnect it, the computer returns to the old dinosaur from before.

Well, once connected to the PC, a window will open in the application bar or directly on the screen of the PC. It will ask you to install the program that will allow to use all the functions of your computer at the speed of when you had just purchased it.

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Thanks to this function, you can connect it wherever you want and when you want, giving excellent flexibility, especially in case you have more than one computer that no longer works.

The program or operating system that the stick uses to resurrect it is called Linux.

Types of Xtra-PC Products

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Xtra PC comes with three different variants with extra features. Have a look below:

Xtra PC 16: The variant provides speed and boost on your PC and improve working flexibility. It has a lack of some features than the expensive version.

Xtra PC 32: The version is 1.5 times faster than the Turbo 16 version. It has extra 32GB storage that allows to keep photos, videos and documents secured.

Xtra PC Pro: It is double faster than the Turbo 16 version. Also, it has 64GB extra storage to keep videos, medial file and other documents.

Who Can Use It?

The manufacturer of the Xtra PC said that it could be used on most of the computers that have USB ports. I experienced that it does not work below 700 Mhz microprocessor computers and requires a minimum 512 MB of RAM to use. Also, it has no graphics card and size limitation, but your PC should support HDMI, DVI and VAG format. Sometimes, you need to enter BIOS to set the USB drive because USB is disabled in some computers that can be changed through the BIOS setting option. Your PC must have network cards to connect with the internet and browse faster than previously. These requirements are nothing in the latest generation of computers.

Top 5 Features Of  Xtra PC

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To speed up you PC, the gadget is the perfect solution for old and slow computers. Without the help of a technician, you can boost the speed of your PC and laptop quickly. Apart from this, Xtra PC USB has lots of advantages and features. Here, I will share the top 5 features of the gadget that boost my PC speed. Let’s have a look below.

  1. Affordable: With its low cost and its convenience, you can save time, money and efforts without having to buy a new computer. It allows to avoid potential rip-offs by the trader.
  2. Work without a hard drive: If your PC has no hard drive, no problem! It works runs like normal. Also, you can connect it with all models PC and laptops that have a USB port.
  3. Simple and ready to use: It is easy to use, just a Just plug and play without any technical knowledge.
  4. Functionality: You can do all the tasks you did before but with the same speed as a new computer. Also, it can keep all of the previous files in any way.
  5. Security and Protection: It can eliminate the risk of being infected with viruses and malware. Also, it allows you to protect your privacy while browsing online.
  6. Stress-free operation: Speeding up your PC allows you to browse, shop online and watch videos with ease without encountering problems when the PC is slow and old.
  • Xtra PC boosts the PC speed when connected through the PC USB port. Work without a hard drive and even have the virus on the computer. Easy to set up, just plug and play. Save money from go to the technician and purchasing a new computer. Recover lost file through built-in Filerez software. It can be used in multiple PC without problems.
  • Don’t work on Windows PC before 2004 and Macs before 2011. Has no Bluetooth.

Where Can You Use it?

With the Xtra PC, I have saved hundreds of dollars on technician charges. Even it works without hard drive with fast operation. I browse internet, emails, watch movies online, listen to songs, browse Netflix, play several online and offline games, do office jobs and more. I got maximum speed while using it and generally, I work in the PC 6 to 8 hours daily and the Xtra PC USB is still working superbly. But, I face loading speed in Skype and PUBG games and it happened a few times. Otherwise, it open and shut down PC quickly by closing all programs.

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How Can You Use Xtra-PC?

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The Xtra PC USB works on most computers and laptops with all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Have a look at the detailed instructions below –

  1. First, plug the Xtra-PC into the USB port on your PC or laptop.
  2. Reboot your computer (you need to ensure that the PC restarts with the Xtra-PC on it. If not, check the BIOS settings where you will find the option to start with the USB)
  3. Once it boot with the Xtra-PC, you will have a prompt message to enter a password. There will be additional license agreements and other messages.
  4. Enter the password and click on ‘OK’. This will take you to the Xtra-PC control panel as a user. You are ready to use the Xtra-PC on your PC.
  5. Connect the device with the WiFi network and it will take you to the application installer
  6. Now, you just need to follow the steps and wait till the final installation

That’s how you need to install the Xtra-PC. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. There will be a manual included with the device about the installation. You may visit the official site to know more about the installation.

Is Xtra PC a Scam?

When I heard about the Xtra-PC, I purchased to test because I had spent lots of money on the technician to solve my PC problems. My desktop was 2nd generation and it worked very slowly. I connected the device on my PC and made a trial for 2 hours. It was amazing and some applications, browsers, spreadsheet and PUBG run smoothly.

Still, I am using the Xtra-PC on my desktop and I have not faced any problems. I connect the device before starting the computer and I used it without hard drive because my hard drive was damaged. To boot from PC, I press the button and it started working. Also, it has some built-in apps and you can use it if need. Its extra storage allows to backup files, songs and documents. I recovered many photos and files using Filerez software that is installed in the device default.

How much Does Xtra-PC Cost?

Well, Xtra-PC is available at an affordable price. The official store offers the 32GB Turbo variant at only $49.99. The other variant of Xtra-PC Pro (64GB) is available at only $79.99 with free USA shipping. It’s always recommended to purchase the device from the official store as it ensures the best quality with the best price range.

Do They Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

Xtra-PC is the best gadget on the market that allows you to speed up your PC without having to reduce yourself to more expensive methods such as buying a new computer. The manufacturer provides 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied or the product is defective, you can send it back. However, make sure that you meet the conditions necessary to be able to request a refund.

How I Can Buy It?

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The Xtra PC USB is available for sale on many websites, including Amazon, eBay and more. But, I recommend to purchase it from their official website and they offer a discount on bulk purchase. Their official website address. You will see 3 different variants: Turbo 16, Turbo 32 and Pro so you can choose anyone according to your needs. In the USA, you will get FAST delivery and outside the USA, it takes 7 to 12 working days to deliver the product.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Below, I have answered some frequently asked questions about Xtra-PC USB.

Can You Use Xtra-PC on Any Computer?

Yes, the Xtra-PC can be used on any computer and I experienced that it does not work below 700 MHz microprocessor and 512 MB RAM. Also, make sure that your PC has a network card.

Does XTRA-PC Work With My Old Computer?

If your old computer has an active USB port and in running condition, you can use the Xtra-PC to boost the speed of your old computer. Also, it works on missing hard drive computers.

Does it work with all computers?

Yes, Xtra-PC works with all computers, even in Mac computers. Also, it works fine on all desktop, laptops and MacBooks up to 15 years old.

Can I use Xtra-PC with more than one computer?

Yes, you can use Xtra-PC in multiple computers at different times. Also, it works fine on the MacBook up to 2011 by following the correct instructions.

Can Xtra-PC boost your computer speed?

Xtra-PC is designed to boost the speed of the computer to make tasks easier. Its hardcore technology provides faster and virus free service in Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Can I use Xtra PC on Macs?

Yes, you can use the Xtra-PC USB on Macs and before 2011, Macs cannot work with the speed booster. Before using it to Mac, learn how to boot from USB properly because the Mac boot management system is a little bit difficult from Windows OS.

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Final Thought

Xtra PC USB is a great alternative to boost your PC. It’s a small Linux USB stick that you just need to connect to your computer to breathe new life into it. It is true that in some critical cases like motherboard damage, broken display, etc. it may be wiser to buy a new computer and say goodbye to your old companion. Only you can make this tough decision. For my part, I found what I needed with this small USB PC device.

My computer is running like in those early days and I must say that I got a good service from the device. Also, it saves lots of money from unexpected repair and fraud of the technician. This gadget really works and that for the same price, there are no other ways to get the same benefits. You’ll have more security and protection against viruses and malware.

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