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What’s the first thing that your mind pictures when you hold or think of a modern smartwatch? A whole bunch of sensors for fitness and time tracking and notifications; what about calling features built-in? Seems extravagant considering other smartwatches with a high price range in the market without a calling option, right? You might be thinking that such a smartwatch with extra features alongside the regular ones would have a hefty cut on your bank account.

Well, no worries, I’ve found a solution to that problem with the XWatch that I’ve been using for quite a while now. You can get it from a fraction of the flagship smartwatches in the market, but with more features. Stick to the XWatch Review to know about the most affordable and futuristic smartwatch I’ve ever used. 

What is XWatch?


Before jumping into the XWatch Review, let’s get you a quick grasp of the XWatch and what it offers. The XWatch is one of the most futuristic smartwatches I’ve ever put my hands on with a whole bunch of high-tech functionalities. It can get you a solid 3-5 days of battery backup which is almost double the time an apple watch can get you. 

You can use the smartwatch for hands-on calling without taking your phone out, and dial as well with the built-in speaker and mic. It comes with an app for automated synchronization with your phone, and some of the most wanted sensors in it. If you’re looking for the all-in-one smartwatch that can serve you for almost anything you can imagine for a watch, it’s there in the XWatch. 

What Are The Coolest XWatch Features?


Almost any smartwatch in the market comes with some similar features, but few can make a stand-out. The XWatch is one of them and here are the coolest features of this watch that make it the best one to my eyes: 

Direct phone calls

Direct phone calls

Making phone calls with the watch instead of pulling the phone out; that’s the dream of every smartwatch owner. Well, the dream has come true because you can now make phone calls with the XWatch using its onboard speaker and mic. With the XWatch, you can dial new numbers with a dial-pad and make phone calls or receive calls from your phone and talk. 

Activity tracking 

Every smartwatch owner wants his watch to be a good activity tracker that helps him maintain better health. The XWatch is one of the richest watches in activity tracking sensors I’ve ever used so far. It comes with the heart rate and pulse monitoring sensor to show you the cardiac strength to help you stay safe while working out. You will also know how much calories you’ve burned with your workout on the screen; and the pedometer for sleep tracking. A unique feature of the XWatch is the live ECG diagram that can make the watch a life-saving tool sometimes. 

Big battery

Big battery

Let’s face it, the biggest problem with the high-end smartwatches these days is the battery life. You cannot go free with a smartwatch because you must charge it every day! Even the Apple smartwatch barely gives you more than a day of battery backup! Meet the XWatch that sets you free for at least 3 days up to 5 days with a single charge using the 380mAh large battery. The XWatch is one of the few smartwatches that gives that much battery backup while running a ton of activity tracking options. 

App live diagram

App live diagram

The conveniences of the XWatch doesn’t just stop with some features and battery life; it has other functions as well. You can connect the XWatch to your phone via Bluetooth to the dedicated XWatch app available for both Android and iOS. The app will get you a live diagram of your activity results from the watch to the app. You’ll get the live update of your ECG result that the watch generates with its electrocardiogram sensor. 

Simple design

Most smartwatches I’ve ever used had some terrible menu designs that I had to study to understand. However, that’s entirely the opposite with the XWatch because it has the easiest menu settings to me. The menus were easy to understand and pretty straightforward to unlock every feature and option, especially for the activity trackers. You’ll find the software and the hardware simple and easy to understand to use conveniently. 

Big display

The display size of the XWatch is a selling point, I must say; it comes with a large 1.54-inch LCD display. Yes, the display is an LCD, not an OLED and that I’d refer you to the price range which is a big relief! However, the good news is, the display does the job quite well; it’s vibrant, sharp, and vivid at colour production. The display is clear enough under the sun as well; so, you won’t struggle with the display to read the texts or the notifications. 

What I like About the XWatch Smartwatch


There are a whole bunch of extra features on the XWatch that I love the watch for. Here are the most common and important features and benefits that I decided to use it as my daily driver for: 

  • I loved the electrocardiogram sensor in the XWatch that helps me know how my cardiac health is doing. It also gives me a live diagram on the watch and the app as well.
  • The watch works with the dedicated app, and the app comes for both iOS devices and Android platforms. It’s a great thing to see that my iOS user wife and son also can use the watch.
  • There are multiple watch faces available with the XWatch which is a good touch I must say. If I get bored with a watch face, I can promptly change it to a new one for a new feel.
  • The long battery backup is also a feature I must mention that I loved from this watch because it helps me. It gets me about 3 days of backup when every sensor is in full swing, working and syncing with the app. 
  • I also like the build quality of the XWatch because it has a nice silicon strap and a nice metal finishing to it. It feels premium to the touch, and the strap is long-lasting that looks like an apple watch. 

How to Use This Device [XWatch Review]



Using the XWatch is quite easy and has a straightforward process instead of a complicated one like the others. Here is how you use the watch and how to set things up for the best output from the high-tech features of the XWatch: 

Setting it up

Setting the XWatch is easy; after you open the box, you’ll find the watch ready to wear. You can wear it right away and press the power button for a few seconds, and you’re good to go. Choose your favourite watch face, explore the menus in the watch and use the sensors you want. 

Pairing the app

If you want to use the calling feature, the live fitness update, and extended control over the watch, use the app. You can scan the QR code on the box, and download the XWatch app on your smartphone to pair with the watch. It will connect to the app through Bluetooth and sync with the phone for calling, fitness tracking, and other controls. 

Charging the device

The XWatch will give you 3 to 5 days of battery backup depending on how many sensors you’re using in it. When the watch battery indicator says it’s under 14%, you should charge it; it will take only about 1.5 hours to charge 100%. 

Is It Worth Buying This SmartWatch?


Now the real question comes forward; will it worth the money you’re paying for the XWatch? The answer is yes, who wants a great quality in a smartwatch without spending a lot, XWatch is the way to go. I’d strongly suggest you get this smartwatch and give it a try because it has some seriously promising features and hardware in it. The watch won’t disappoint you, especially if you’re going to use it for fitness tracking and longer battery life. 

XWatch Reviews: Price & Where Can I Get The XWatch?


The XWatch is surely a bang for the buck with its features and benefits for sure. On top of that, the official vendor is rolling out the watch at 50% off on the base price now. Furthermore, if you get 3 watches, you get 2 for free from the official store! If you’re getting the original XWatch, I’d suggest you get it from the official vendor where quality is assured officially. So, check out the official store of the XWatch for the current availability because it’s a hot cake now with the discount in effect.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are the most asked questions on the internet about the XWatch that you might have and interest in: 

How do I activate my smartwatch?

Activating the XWatch is easy; all you have to do after unboxing the watch is, press and hold the power button. You can download the app and pair it with that to activate it for calling and tracking. 

How far can a smartwatch be from the phone?

It depends on the watch brand and how good a signal strength your phone has. In general, you can get a strong signal from your phone to your watch within about 10 meters or 30 feet. 

Are Smartwatches dangerous?

Although EMF issues are there, with a smartwatch, that’s not a big issue when you’re wearing a good watch. The XWatch is completely safe to use and has no danger in it. 

How do I connect my XWatch SmartWatch to wifi?

The XWatach does not connect to a wifi hotspot or doesn’t need wifi to connect your phone either. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone and to synch the data between them. 

How do I charge my Xwatch?

The XWatch comes with a USB cable included in the box, and you can use that to charge it. There is a flap on the left side of the watch which reveals the USB port of the watch. 

Can Smartwatches be hacked?

Smartwatches are not as vulnerable as other devices like phone, laptop, or wifi routers. Plus the XWatch comes with Bluetooth connectivity instead of wifi, so it’s safe from hacking. 

Conclusion: Should I Get XWatch?

Using a smartwatch can get you a big advantage of giving not only time, but also a better fitness tracking. The watch keeps track of your cardiac health, pulse rate, and other important wellness credentials. After getting through the XWatch Review, you can see the XWatch can do even more! 

Use the XWatch to call and talk without taking the phone out; that’s the true face of “Talking to the hand”! If you’re also impressed with the high-tech combination of features and benefits from the XWatch like me, go get yours when it’s still available. 

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