XY Find It Review [2022] – It Is Really Best Tracking Devices?


I hear about XY Find It all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? Most of the time, I have forgotten where I kept my belongings and after hearing about it, I purchased it for testing. It not only solved my problems but also found my belongings like vehicle key, TV remote, wallet and pets. It is really worth of money and its small and compact design can produce 4 times louder sound than a regular alarm device. Also, it works fine from up to 300 feet away and even it makes the sound when the phone is in silent mode. Its crowdsourced network helps to find out the device through a map and its battery power is reliable and it can be replaced if need.

Are you tired of losing all your stuff? Are you one of those people who can never find their keys? Don’t be panicked, you are not alone in this case. This unpleasant situation is a constant that one must overcome almost daily when memory frequently fails us. This is why today I share my experience with the XY Find It. This device will help me to save time, money help to find out my missing belongings.

What Is XY Technology?

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XY technology is a brand of GPS and Bluetooth devices and a leading technology to track the device. The technology help to find lost keys or other objects through Bluetooth and xy find it gps tracking system that locates the object that is lost. Have you ever happened to lose something really important and not find it for weeks or even months? The XY technologies device allows to find out the lost objects.

What Is XY Find It?

XY Find It is a device that allows you to find lost accessories quickly using an App and Smart GPS. This small device provide security and help users in times of need by eliminating the risk of the so-called “lost cause.”

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It is a real godsend for those who continuously lose their personal items every day. Thanks to XYFindIt because you will no longer have a problem finding for example your car, scooter or key finder electric scooter. This way, you will avoid having to wander panicked hours unnecessarily.

But not only, but you can also use it for your keys, your wallet or even your backpack. Nothing will escape your vigilance thanks to the sound emitted by the device when you activate it from the XY Find It French app. It’s really a child’s play and does not requires subscription fees or hidden costs.

How Does XY Find It Work?

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The XY Find IT is really simple to use and I have no specialized tech knowledge, but I use it easily. For the Key Finder to work, I connected it with the smartphone to operate the app. Then, I download it from the Google Store for android devices and the Apple Store for Apple devices. To make the task even easier, I have prepared a short guide to the steps to follow:

  1. Activate your phone’s Bluetooth and GPS.
  2. You must have a good internet connection.
  3. The Smart Tracker now appears in the list of “close” devices.
  4. Once you’ve done all of that, all you have to do is attach the XYFindIt to the object you don’t want to lose.

Once completed, you only need to attach XY Find It to the object you most want to keep under control, such as the backpack, your mobile phone, your car or the TV remote control. Due to the ultra-lightweight, you can even attach it to the collar of your four-legged friend or your baby if you are in a public space and do not want to lose sight of him.

When you lose something, you can immediately track it down and find it thanks to the sound notification that will notify you as soon as you have reached its position.

How Far Does XY Find It Work?

XY find it can works accurately up to 300 feet away. Its alarm makes 4X louder sound than other devices to find misplaced objects anywhere. Also, it works on the all-weather condition and it has waterproof protection so that you will get extremely durable performance everywhere, even in bad weather conditions, its Bluetooth and GPS tracking show accurate results from long distance.

Top 5 Key Features Of XY Find It

XY Find It has lots of features that help to lose anything quickly. And you no longer have to spend hours trying to find your things. Here, I will share the top 5 features of the device that helped me in a long trip. They are mentioned below:

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  1. Security: By placing this portable accessory on the object you want to protect, you can activate its application whenever you need it. Also, it ensures peace of mind and protection because it has geo-locate Bluetooth finder that can reach up to 300 feet.
  2. Easy to use: You will see that it is simpler to find any object that is lost immediately. The phone finder makes a loud sound when press button.
  3. Stress-free: You will not have to think more that you forget things frequently. Just activate XYFindit and problems will be solved in a few seconds.
  4. Efficient: Every time you find the items you lost, you are avoiding incurring new replacement costs. It has a stronger battery that lasts 5 times longer than a regular one. Also, it does not require any fees or charges, so that you can use it for a long time.
  5. Find objects easily: No one is exempt from losing their retentive memory capabilities. XYFindIt helps to remember where you have left your keys, cell phone and any other valuable objects through its crowdsourced network to remember you.
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  • Powerful in its range of action. Its Bluetooth technology provides up to 300 feet distance to track objects. You can register for free to use its app for Android and iOS. It sounds 4 times louder than regular alarm. The battery life is 5 years. With the crowdsourced network, you can quickly locate your objects. It is extremely easy to use in all conditions. It is waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Its tag is thick, so it is difficult to fit into a wallet.

How Do You Set Up Find XY?

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XYFindit is so simple to use that any individual can manipulate it naturally. Both young and old can incorporate it into their keys and use it properly since it does not require more technical knowledge to understand its functions. Here, I will share how I am using it. Have a look below:

  1. At first, I download the XYFindit app from the app store on my iPhone 8.
  2. Turn on the BlueTooth and xy find it gps
  3. I have a good and stable internet connection and if the internet speed is not stable, it cannot work fine.
  4. Then, I added wireless devices like luggage, vehicle keys, TV remote and more. Also, I am using it on my bitches for preventive measures.
  5. To find my objects, I press the FIND IT button in the app and the device will beep. By pressing the stop button, the beep will stop.

Why Does My XY Find It Keep Beeping?

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Normally, the XY Finder never makes a sound until you press the FIND IT button from the app. If it keeps beeping, make sure that the battery is connected properly. It mainly happened due to battery loose connection. Also, if any dust enters into the XYFindit case, it could be beeping randomly. So, keep it away for dust areas and replace the battery if need.

Is XY Find It A Scam?

Xy Find It comes with the latest tracking Bluetooth and GPS technology that find out objects from up to 300 feet distance. By tagging valuables like keys, toolbox, phones, etc. I can locate the, quickly. Its crowdsourced network allows to see my connected object it in the map. When I press the FIND IT button, it started beeping and the sound is louder than other security devices. Its battery is very powerful and the company claimed that it could last more than 5 years and it is replaceable if need. With a simple, it can be used and controlled easily from all smartphones. Overall, it is not a scam and it is worth the investment.

Is There A Warranty Or Money Back Guarantee?

The XY Finder manufacturer provides a 30 days money back guarantee for technical defects. Also, it has 2 years warranty that ensures peace of mind. Its quality is so high that a dissatisfaction refund is also offered. Just as you read it, if you are not satisfied while trying it out, you can return it and they will refund you cash. The warranty and guarantee will be valid from the purchasing date.

Where I Can Buy It?

This smart GPS tracker has lots of advantages and not expensive. However, don’t waste too much time as stocks are limited. The product works so well that the manufacturer has trouble keeping up. I recommend purchasing it through the official website of the manufacturer. I have purchased 2 XY finder and get 50% off in 1 device. If you are buying more, you will get a big discount.

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Due to the high quality of the product, you will get 2 years warranty. In addition, you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not satisfied.

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Frequently Asked Question

Below, I will answer some frequently asked questions about XY Find It.

Is xy find it waterproof?

The rugged construction of XY Find It makes it durable and robust so that the device can be used in water. Its weatherproof protection keeps it running at all conditions.

Are there any subscriptions or monthly fees?

To find valuables with XY Find It device and app, it does not require any extra charges or subscription fees. If you want to replace the battery or other parts, you have to pay for them.

What’s the range of XY Find It?

XY Find It has a powerful geo-locate Bluetooth finder that can find objects up to 300 feet away. It makes 4X louder sounds than other alarm devices and even it produces a loud sound when the phone is in silent mode.

What is the range of the xy4 +?

The range of the xy4 + is about 300 feet and has an extra loud ringer to make loud alert. Also, it notifies the location in the app when you press the FIND IT button and stop it with the STOP button.

Does the XY tracker work?

Yes, it has a GPS tracker and Bluetooth finder that helps to find out the objects with making a loud alarm. Its map is very accurate and shows the correct location where your valuables are located.

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Final Thought

XY Find It is the easiest method to find your lost items. This gadget is the most powerful, convenient and inexpensive you can find on the market. This device will bring you greater security, tranquility and well-being. It is waterproof and after 5 years, you will need to replace the battery. You will not be able to change the type of beep sound. This xy find it car tracker has a very good range, regardless of where it is. The product alone demonstrated that it meets all the features and functionality offered by the manufacturer. Undoubtedly XY Find It is an excellent choice for its powerful reach.

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