Your Computer Restarted Because of a Problem Mac: Fix In 6 Methods


your computer restarted because of a problem mac

While using Mac system, your computer restarted because of a problem mac – a possibility that you might encounter this error message. This error will be very frustrating because this may happen again so many times. This problem on Mac is basically known to be Kernel Panic. Commonly, a computer with this problem can restart because of multiple reasons and still depends on different situations.

In other cases, you have to restart as initiative as normal behaviour, or possibly a software install will require a reboot ahead for you to use it. These two scenarios event is common and very normal. The situation is not normal when your computer restarted because of a problem mac with no reason, or possibly a reason, you know.

When the error message shows up again or the system boots up again, the guidelines listed below will identify and help you to solve your software and hardware issues because of Kernel Panic in Mac.

Method 1 – Update The Identified Malfunction Software

The out-of-date software is very prone to errors, for example, the Kernel Panic. Updating your software will help solve the problem.

  • Check the Mac software updates
  • And Restart the Mac

If the software update is not possible, just uninstall or use third-party uninstaller software to remove the software with an error. And install the software again.

Method 2 – Reset The Disk Permissions

This will reset all your system file on your Mac.

a) For older versions and OSX Yosemite

  • Press the “Cmd + R” to restart the Mac
  • Open the feature “Disk Utility.”
  • Choose the “First Aid,” next “Repair Disk Permissions.”

b) For OSX El Capitan or macOS Sierra

  • Launch the CleanMyMac X.
  • Choose the option “Advanced Maintenance.”
  • And complete the repairing disk permissions.

Method 3 – Free Up The Disk Space

Most likely, it would be best if you had 20% least of total disk space “free” for kernel panic, which your Mac needs to run efficiently.

  • Choose “About This Mac” to your “Apple Menu”
  • Click the “Storage” tab to check the remaining free storage you have.
  • Delete unnecessary files, if it is low storage, files like pictures or videos.
  • Or run the CleanMyMac X for more space.

Method 4 – Use Disk Utility Feature

The disk utility is a neat inbuilt feature used on your Mac to fix errors.

  • Click the “Apple Menu” and select “Restart.”
  • Hit the “Cmd + R” keys immediately once the Mac restarts.
  • Then tap on “Disk Utility.” And click “First Aid.”
  • And follow on-screen prompts to be able to find and fix errors on Mac.

Method 5 – Disable The Unnecessary Startup Items

Occasionally, other startup tools you do not need serve to hitch up your Mac. These tools may make it slow and lead to “Your Computer restarted Because of a Problem Mac.”

  • Select “Apple Menu” and then tap “System Preferences.”
  • Select “Users & Groups” and choose your user account from the list.
  • Now tap the “Login Items” tab for the list of your “startup items.”
  • Choose “Startup Item” to stop and select “-.”

Now restart Mac, and the kernel panic problem will be solved.

Remember: To find out which startup system is causing the kernel panic, you must disable one by one at a time ahead of rebooting the Mac. However, the problem might be due to a singular item to avoid more items to disable.

Method 6 – Repair The Corrupt Files of MacOS

They are some times that the kernel error is the reason for the corrupted files of MacOS. The only way to fix this problem is to install again the “macOS version” that you use.

  • Now shutdown and restart Mac and Hold the “Cmd + R” keys to enter the feature of “MacOS Utilities.”
  • Choose “reinstall MacOS,” or “Reinstall OS X,” depending on the version you use. When the OS is reinstalled, restart your computer once again.


With, the reliable given solutions in this guide will confirm effectiveness in fixing the “your computer restarted because of a problem Mac” issue. You must consider Mac Data Recovery to recover some lost data because of the Kernel Panic issue.

However, if you weren’t able to determine and solve the problem,  contact the “Support” for more assistance.

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